Designing your perfect modern coastal living space can be challenging to get exactly right, but if done properly, you’ll have created an inviting and enjoyable haven for you and all your guests.

The key to creating a modern coastal design is to pull from elements of nature, while keeping it light and breezy. Your home isn’t like your neighbors—it’s yours, and your interior design and decor should reflect that.

Though modern coastal is an interior decorating and design theme, you should think of it as a guide to help you bring a warm, comfortable atmosphere into your home.

At its core, modern coastal is the epitome of simplistic elegance. The following are a few starting points to help inspire you to create or elevate your home’s modern coastal design style.

#1 Select Your Color Palette

A modern coastal color palette starts with neutral bases of sandy tans, soft greys, and off-whites with the addition of pops of color. However, these pops of color aren’t loud or ultra-vibrant, they’re calm, muted, pastel hues with beachy connotations such as coral, turquoise, or indigo hues.You can incorporate a bit of color psychology to help you decide which selections you want to include in your home to create a space that makes you and your guests feel like they’re on vacation all year round.

#2 Maintain A Simplistic Layout

Modern coastal designs are simple, sleek, and pure, mirroring the calming elegance of the coast’s natural elements. In addition to your color palette, your interior furnishings should foster a simplistic layout.

Being the focal point of your rooms, your furniture should have heavy coastal connotations. The feng shui of your room also matters, as unique and simple elements are key to creating a coastal space. Your furniture should be arranged in such a way that isn’t overcrowding and allows for plenty of room to move around.

#3 Incorporate Natural Textures

Beach days are highly sensory-oriented. Aside from hearing the waves crash against the shoreline, your sense of touch is heightened with the feel of the warm sun, sand between your toes, and the coral and shells you step on when you dip your toes in the water.

Your home’s modern coastal design should mimic those calming sensations with different and interesting textures. You’ll also want to include plenty of plush, soft textures with throw pillows, cushions and blankets that will bring your coastal design to life and create an inviting home.

Modern Coastal Natural Textures

Pro Tip for Your Modern Coastal Design

You’re recreating elements of nature in a man-made abode, so utilize organic colors, textures of nature, and coastal designs or patterns, such as:

• Anchors
• Stripes
• Ropes & natural fibers
• Coral
• Shells
• Marine life
• Compasses

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